Signing yourself up for a meet

Find the meet by clicking the appropriate module on the Swim-Meet home page. e.g. officials, volunteers, open water or artistic swimming.

Navigate to the meet. They are displayed in date order and split on time period. You can also go directly to a meet by selecting "Filter by host". Click on the meet to select it.

Alternatively, the meet host should have a Swim-Meet sign-up link on their website or meet pack that they would have emailed you. Click the link and you'll be sent directly to the sign up page or one that shows all their "live" meets. If the page shows all their live meets, click on the meet you would like to attend.

Once on the meet, you'll be asked for your swim number. Next, you'll be asked for info about you

and your requirements for the meet. The questions have been selected by the meet host.

Tick the sessions you are able to attend and click "Save". If you are unavailable for the whole meet, leave the boxes blank and click "Save".

You and the officials' or volunteers' coordinator will receive an email with confirmation of your choices.

You can come back to this page at anytime. It won't show your previous choices. If you want to change your choices you must still click every session you can attend. If you have forgotten your previous choices you can check your email or click to be emailed a reminder.