Getting started as a meet host

This is for those organisations that would like to use Swim-Meet for the meets they host. To get started click the green "Get started (meet hosts)" button at the top of the screen.

You'll be presented with a list of modules. Click on the module you are interested in. If it is your first time with Swim-Meet you will probably choose the Officials' module. Pick your club, enter your name, email and create a password. Try to use an official club email address e.g. officials@ or meets@ etc. The Swim-Meet software will know if your club is covered by a licence (e.g. county, region or country licence). If not, you can still select your club and trial the software for a meet to see if you like it.

Click "Create an account".

After creating an account you can enter details of your first meet. Enter some basic information. Choose whether you ask certain questions such as dietary requirements. Say how many sessions on each day and the number of lanes at the pool. Click "Add new meet".

The sessions and jobs for the meet will be created. The jobs are dependent upon the level of meet and number of lanes. You can edit the sessions to put in the warm-up times and/or where to meet. Click "Save existing". You can return to this page at anytime by selecting "Sessions" from the "Configuration" menu along top. For example, you may want to close a session for new sign-ups if you are fortunate to have enough signed up.

After saving the sessions you'll land on the Meet Summary page. You'll see the jobs for the meet. These can be changed on the "Configuration - Jobs" page. It shows the sign-up link you can start using to test signing up for the meet. Once you are happy with the meet mark it as "live" and it will appear on the Swim-Meet home page.

If you want the officials' module and the volunteers' module (door, medals, marshals), register for the officials' module first. Once you have set up the officials' module you will get an option on the "Account - Licence and Usage" page to use the volunteers' module. It will copy the meet that you have already created.